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Take Part in LBM's Next Great Benchmark: The Construction Supply 150

The LBM industry ought to know a lot more about itself than it currently does. You can help make that happen by joining in the creation of a comprehensive and illuminating new benchmark: The Construction Supply 150 list of America's biggest building material suppliers.

Powered by a Webb Analytics survey and additional research, the Construction Supply 150 begins with a list of the 150 biggest companies that sell building materials to the nation's contractors and homeowners. But it will go far beyond that by breaking down the numbers to show the size and scale of the LBM's industry's subsegments, as well by revealing important metrics that show how the industry is performing. Some parts of the report will focus on individual companies; others will be based on aggregate numbers.

The report will be published in late Spring and available for free as a downloadable PDF. You also will be able to learn the results via webinars, podcasts, charts, graphs, personal presentations, social media, and white papers.

All pro-oriented construction supply dealers, home centers, and hardware stores are invited to take part. Click here to see the questions in advance so you'll be able to collect all you need in advance. Then go to and answer 15 minutes' worth of questions.

The deadline to enter is April 1.

Several building material companies already have signed up to help sponsor production of the Construction Supply 150. To see a prospectus, contact Craig Webb at

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