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See How America's Premier LBM Dealers Did in 2023

The 2024 Construction Supply 150, powered by Webb Analytics, reveals and analyzes how much America’s key lumber and building material operations changed in 2023.


This 61-page PDF covers 150 LBM dealers, home centers, and hardware chains that in 2023 took in close to $382 billion in the U.S. plus another $16 billion in Canada and Mexico. It also shows how segments of the 150 grew at far different rates they did the previous year. No other publicly available report is so comprehensive.


The report begins with a ranking of the 150 dealers that includes their location, company type, and both revenues and number of facilities in 2022-23.

But that's just the start. You also get:

  • Complete rankings of the five subgroups: lumberyards with manufacturing, lumberyards without manufacturing, specialty dealers, home centers/hardware stores, and lumber-centric manufacturers.

  • Breakdowns of each group's revenues by customer type.

  • NEW: The impact of credit card processing fees on dealers' revenues.

  • NEW: How old are LBM employees?

  • Sales and branch counts for CS150 members in Canada and Mexico.

  • Locations of LBM operations that were acquired, closed, or opened as greenfield stores in 2023.

  • Revenues from the sale of value-added products, such as from truss manufacturing and millwork operations, as well as revenue from installing products.

  • An estimate of the CS150's share of the entire construction supply market.

  • How sales performance differed by dealer type and by percentage of pros served.

  • Top dealers based on sales per location and sales per employee.

  • The top companies by percentage growth in sales per location and per dealer. 

  • A selective look at sales per outside sales rep, with benchmark figures.

  • Charts showing percentages of products sold, goods manufactured, and installed sales services performed by CS150 members.

  • Information on takeoffs (who does them, and by who) and design services offered.

  • Current IT investments and planned upgrades.

  • E-commerce capability and future plans.

  • How much dealers' personnel costs have risen.

  • Average percentages of women and minorities at dealers nationwide.

Best of all, the report is FREE, thanks to the sponsors listed below. All you need to do to get the report is fill out the form on the right. Once you do, a link to download the PDF report will appear.

The Construction Supply 150 is produced by Webb Analytics based on a combination of surveys, SEC filings, and published reports. It is meant to give a snapshot of the state of construction supply as of year-end 2023. For the most part, the numbers in it show dealers' sales in the U.S. during the calendar year. For some companies, revenue for only the divisions that deal with residential construction are counted. For about a dozen companies, the revenues and facility counts shown are estimates.

Would you like to be part of 2025's Construction Supply 150, either as a construction supply company or as a sponsor? Contact Craig Webb for details.

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