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Here's Your Invitation to Show How Well You Did in 2021

If you're a lumberyard or specialty dealer, you're invited to become part of the most important report in LBM: The Construction Supply 150. It begins with a list of 150 of the biggest companies that sell building materials. But it will go way beyond to show the size and scale of LBM's subsegments, as well as reveal important metrics on how the industry is performing. No other report in LBM is as detailed or as comprehensive.

You'll find the survey at; it'll take just 15 minutes of your time. If you want to see the questions in advance, click here for a PDF of the survey. Some parts will report on individual companies, but most will feature aggregated numbers, so you can feel free to contribute to industry knowledge without revealing trade secrets.


Take part soon! The deadline to enter is April 11. 

BTW: Several building material companies already have signed up to sponsor production of this vital new benchmark. Write to for a prospectus.

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