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Dealers' Pursuit of Truss Plants Continues

LBM dealers' acquisition of truss and components plants since 2020 includes 56 locations purchased or opened by Builders FirstSource (black pins), 38 by US LBM (blue), 16 by 84 Lumber (red), and eight by Parr Lumber (green). Not shown: Two facilities bought in Hawaii, as well as all BMC truss/components plants involved in the merger with BFS.

Truss and components plants remain hot properties for LBM dealers nationwide, with 178 facilities changing hands or seeing greenfield openings since 2020. Of those, 13 were purchased and three opened in just the first half of this year, Webb Analytics' database shows.

Thirty-eight companies have figured in these openings and purchases, but Builders FirstSource by itself figures in one-third of the activity. Its 56 acquisitions and openings far outpace No. 2 US LBM's 38 actions and is way ahead of 84 Lumber's 16 moves and Parr Lumber's eight After that comes Kodiak Building Partners, with six acquisitions. No other company had more than five, and several took over or opened just one location.

Truss and component facilities have been targets for LBM dealers throughout this decade. There were 34 acquisitions and openings in 2020--excluding the plants BFS picked up when it absorbed BMC--followed by 57 actions in 2021, 41 in 2022, and 30 in 2023.

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