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Introducing Webb Analytics' Alerts Service

Beyond the horizon, there are threats and opportunities coming your way that could rock your business … if only you had time to look up and spot them. Let me do that for you instead.

I'm excited to introduce Webb Analytics’ new Alerts Service, in which I’ll track the outside trends most likely to affect your business, freeing you to focus on the local economy and on building your company.

Twice a year, I will visit you and your executive team or board to deliver a customized report on national and global developments. I’ll identify the trends most likely to affect your company as well as the hot topics that are unlikely to have any impact. And I will tell you about dealers on the other side of the country who may be solving the very challenges you face.

In addition, every quarter you’ll get a personalized written report from me that tunes out the static to tell you which incoming signals merit your attention and which can be ignored.

During my 12 years as editor-in-chief of ProSales magazine, I visited LBM dealers, manufacturers, and construction pros from coast to coast. Now with my Alerts Service, I will continue those travels, but this time I can focus on your specific needs.

Let’s talk soon about setting up a customized program that meets your needs. I’m at 202.374.2068 or

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