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Need to Talk to the Media About this Pandemic? Ex-Reporter and LBM Group Exec Ken Dunham Can Help

Ken Dunham

The media is going to be hungry for all sorts of stories related to COVID-19, so it's only a matter of time before reporters start visiting you to learn what's happening at hardware stores, home centers, and pro dealers. Before that happens, Ken Dunham has advice for you.

Dunham currently is executive director of the West Coast Lumber and Building Material Association, so he knows about dealers. But in previous jobs, he was a TV news director, on-air reporter, and contributor to national TV and radio networks, wire services and others. In addition, he owned an advertising/public relations form. He has consulted on and participated in crisis management situations for private businesses and organizations.

This week, Dunham revised his crisis communications guide to include tips on how to handle the media amid this pandemic. Click here to download it.

After that, please write to me at regarding your own thoughts on how we can make this guide even better. And talk about your own media encounters, too.

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