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Smaller Dealers Figure Large in Helping KY Rebuild from December's Tornadoes

Source: Kentucky Department of Emergency Management (tornado path) and Webb Analytics' database (dealer locations)

The Dec. 10-11 tornadoes that swept across much of Western Kentucky, killing an estimated 90 people, caused destruction that will take years of rebuilding. When that happens, the burden of providing building materials will largely fall on several local dealers rather than on the bigger chains.

As the map above shows, Cole Lumber has the most facilities located nearest to the path of the main tornado (or more likely, a series of tornadoes) that carved a path across more than 220 miles, starting in Arkansas and then devastating the Bluegrass State.

Among the big dealers, Carter Lumber has Kight Home Center branches in Hopkinsville (where Builders FirstSource also has a home), Bowling Green, and Owensboro. Among specialty dealers, the only notable ones are ABC Supply and L&W Supply in Bowling Green, 84 Lumber in Russellville, and Foundation Building Materials in Paducah. All are within about 40 miles of the tornadoes' main path.

Other than those, the burden is likely to fall on Cole, Calvert City Lumber, and Kirchner Building Centers.

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