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Webb Analytics Publishes 2020 Report on LBM Deals, Openings, Closures, and Mergers

Which LBM operation did the most deals last year? Which state saw the most facilities change status? Which lumberyard was sold to a dealer that was purchased by another company 16 days later? You'll find the answers plus many other insights in Webb Analytics' just-published 2020 LBM Deals Report.

This 10-page PDF document is available at no charge thanks to sponsorship from Building Industry Partners. Just go to, click the green “download” box in the promo at the top of the page, tell a bit about yourself, and the download will follow.

Webb Analytics also requests that you contact company President Craig Webb at if you see anything that’s missing or in error. He wants this report to be as complete and accurate as possible, and you can help Webb Analytics achieve that goal.

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