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Insights. Data. Connections.

Webb Analytics is the consulting firm created by Craig Webb, the longtime editor of ProSales and Remodeling magazines, that's dedicated to helping construction supply insiders and investors make better strategic and tactical decisions. Its key offerings include custom research, custom content, strategic consulting, data and analysis, and business development services. Let's get started on solving your problems. Contact us using the message block below.


Webb Analytics Marketing & PR Boot Camps

Plug into ideas that will light up your company's brand--and its sales.

Word of mouth and expensive print ads aren't the only--or the best--way to bring your company fame and sales. Top LBM dealers have learned to promote themselves profitably by relying on a low-cost combination of social media, branding, e-newsletters, events, flyers, special funding, and plain old press releases. These building material suppliers get maximum gains from minimal budgets. Now you can, too.

At the Webb Analytics Marketing & PR Boot Camps, you'll pick up ideas and learn practices that will transform your marketing efforts from moribund to marvelous. If you manage marketing at your LBM company, this event will boost your skills and resources. If you’re new to marketing or oversee someone who does, this workshop will teach you the basics.

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About Craig Webb

Craig Webb formed Webb Analytics in September 2018 after spending a dozen years as editor-in-chief of ProSales, where he won numerous national writing and editing awards, visited dealers in 49 states, and won renown for his speeches to groups across the U.S. as well as Japan and Canada. In addition, from 2013 to 2018, Webb also served as editor-in-chief of Remodeling, a premier publication for professional remodelers across the U.S. best known for its annual Cost vs. Value report.

Prior to joining ProSales, Webb worked as an editor and reporter at The Wall Street Journal in Brussels and New York. He served as chief economics reporter for United Press International, covered Congress and the White House for McGraw-Hill, was international trade editor at the Journal of Commerce, and worked for other organizations in newsrooms from Indiana to Italy.

Webb Analytics provides insights, data, and connections to help construction supply insiders and investors make better strategic and tactical decisions. Its key offerings will include custom research, custom content, strategic consulting, data and analysis, and business development services.

Webb Analytics expands on one of Craig’s greatest talents: Making connections. Whether it’s by spotting a technique employed far away that can help a local company prosper, finding a minority investor or a way to sell the firm, or locating talent that could help fill a dealer’s need, Craig can provide the crucial first ingredient for success.

Webb has worked for all of construction supply for a dozen years. Now he’s ready to work for you alone.


Need a Speaker? Hire Craig.

Craig Webb brings humor, insights and up-to-the-moment news through his speeches to construction supply companies across the U.S. Whether it's by detailing key issues over the next 18 months or providing the 50 best ideas he's seen from his latest coast-to-coast travels, Webb's presentations always include the freshest, most relevant content. He never gives the same speech twice, and the funny videos and multimedia style he employs sets him apart. It's no wonder that he regularly wins top audience ratings.

To book Craig, go to cwebb@webb-analytics.com or call 202.374.2068.

"Always insightful, educational, and often very entertaining, Craig provides a unique perspective in the LBM industry. One of things that I enjoy most about his speakerships is his ability to expand my thought process and perhaps challenge my perspective. Craig has spoken on many occasions to both my association as well as other affinity associations, and is always a popular and well-sought-after speaker. His unique perspective on the rapidly changing industry trends is an invaluable resource. His integrity and commitment to making a difference in our industry is apparent in all that he does, and I highly recommend Craig’s presentations and speakership abilities – it will certainly benefit your organization."

Dena Cordova Jack, EVP

Mountain States Lumber & Building Material Dealers Association