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Executive Leadership Team, Regions for BFS-BMC Merger Announced

Builders FirstSource (BFS) and BMC revealed Dec. 4 the names and titles of executive and field leaders who will lead their combined operation once their merger is finalized this month or early in 2021. The companies also revealed how their combined business, which will carry the BFS name, will be organized regionally.

The names were announced in a memo from BFS Chad Crow that became a Dec. 4 SEC filing. Here is the text of Crow's all-staff memo, which also noted that longtime BFS executives Ed Waite, Tom Adams, Wayne Canada, and Don McAleenan will be retiring next year:

EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP TEAM I am pleased to announce the additional members of the newly formed executive leadership team that includes the following individuals. Their responsibilities are further outlined in the attached organizational chart.

Tim Johnson | General Counsel Currently holds the same title with BMC

Peter Jackson | Chief Financial Officer Currently holds the same title with Builders FirstSource

Dave Rush | EVP, IMO Leader Currently COO East with Builders FirstSource

Jim Major | EVP, IMO Leader Currently CFO with BMC

Mike Farmer | President, Commercial Operations Currently holds the title of Executive Vice President, Operational Excellence, People & Growth with BMC

Tim Page | Executive Vice President, Business Development & Digital Experience Currently holds the title of SVP, Strategy & Business Development with Builders FirstSource

Dave Snyder | Executive Vice President, Supply Chain Currently holds the same title with Builders FirstSource

Scott Robins | President West Division Currently holds the title of Chief Operating Officer, West with Builders FirstSource

Mike Hiller | President Central Division Currently holds the title of Divisional Vice President, Intermountain with BMC

Steve Herron | President East Division Currently holds the title of Sr. Vice President of Operations, Region 5 with Builders FirstSource

FIELD LEADERSHIP Additionally, we are excited to announce the senior vice presidents responsible for overseeing the future company’s 10 regions (see attached map for geographic reference) are listed below along with their geographic responsibilities: WEST: Jason Behunin (Northwest); Keith Costello (Pacific); Rob Beardall (Mountain)

CENTRAL: Mike Mendlik (NW Texas); Dan Schau (North Central); Paul Vaughn (South Central)

EAST: Mike McCrobie (Northeast); Todd Vance (Mid-Atlantic); Steve Buffington (Georgia); Greg Turnage (Florida)

In addition, we have selected leaders for four other key roles: John Barrow (Currently CIO for BFS) will be the SVP and CIO reporting to Peter Jackson, CFO. Also reporting to Peter will be Michael Neese (Currently SVP Investor Relations at BMC) who will become SVP Investor Relations. Amy Plasha (Currently VP HR for BMC) will be the SVP of HR reporting to Tim Johnson, General Counsel. Joe Barnes (Currently SVP Operations and Supply Chain at BMC) will be SVP & IMO Sourcing & Supply Chain Leader reporting to Dave Rush, EVP Integration.

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Just an observation based on the chart above, disappointing not one female is listed in the BFS hierarchy of executive decision makers. When I see 2 mega companies come together and not have one female in the mix, shows that they both lacked the ability and/or desire to acknowledge, promote or cultivate what we have neglected or avoided in this industry for too long.

Again, just an observation from someone in the industry since 1987.

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